Wednesday, August 22, 2001

aright. my bad about that LAST POST! so here's the pic that i was tryin to upload:

Is it my fault that Bank of America's servers couldnt hold it? Damn. I think it's cause the porno content.. shit they might have been trackin me, too. Damn. I go to work tomorrow to find out that I dont have a job anymore.. lol. So in our internal mail I found out about an interesting site that EVERYONE should check out. It shows the reality of what BofA invests its money into. They apparently have some connections with contributing to the death of sheltered animals. This is a very graphic page, so I must warn you before you check it out. Yes, I do work for BofA (as tech support of all things) but the TRUTH must be heard. Ladies and gentlemen, you can call me your messenger, but Id prefer herkewleez. Thats right.... say it 3 times and clap your hands while doing it. Good, now go rent The Nutty Professor and have yourself some soul food.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

word to your mother. aright fools, i got something to make even your grandpa get a woody from his grave... enjoy!
Yah.. i got this bitch. Im the bachelor... finally figured this shiznitty out....
and ya'll thought NOC was the only model up in this bitch, huh? NOPE. This is a nice lil' spot for MALE MODELS. THATS RIGHT, I SAID MALE MODELS. Ok, so we just havent been discovered yet.

i just wanna say what up to my girl TORI because she got much love for a brotha who gets HATED on all the damn time.
I'm done for the night... If you've come across this site without me knowin', well then... WOW, YOUR COOL!!!!
More to come soon. This is just the beginning to the madness thats yet to come.
Yesterday was a good fuckin' day.

This modeling agency came to good ol' Fresno, CA. yesterday and was giving FREE interviews looking for about 50 people who would like to model.

I'm not gonna pass up this opportunity, for one because i've always wanted to model or get looked at by an agent to see if I even qualified, or if I even looked good enough to be a model. But I was always discouraged because of the money I would have to put into it.

But now I'MAH GROWN ASS MAN DAWG!!! I can pay to do whatever I need to become a model.

So, I had my boys sister who is a professional photographer, take some quick pics of me (Which you can see if you ask me) to show these guys at the agency. Those got developed with a few hours.

The day comes to talk to these cool guys, and I get all hooked up and shit. Bomb ass black cargo slacks, and a yellow Tommy Hilfiger button up. I got me a new fade, and shaved my face up all nice, even got some gay ass points on my side burns.

I get in my bad ass F-150 and roll downtown to kick it, and hopefully get signed by this agency. When I get there, this hotel is jus crawling with hot ass chicks. I mean left and right jus had all kinds of chicks rockin' thongs, g-bangers, OR jus nothin' at all. Fresno is all about it's ladies. Man, I saw so many naturally HUGE plumb asses and breast, it would have drove the adverage man crazy. You motherfuckers know I jus peepin' these chicks, lookin'em up and down sayin':

OK, your in the Spank Bank

*turns head to the right*

GAD DAMN... Your DEFINATELY in the Spank Bank

*turns head to the left*


Yea, I was in heaven yo... It tripped me out cause all these chicks were jus drop dead gorgeous, and checkin' me out. I give a little sexy smile, then she gets the people eyebrow, and then I turn my head. It's all about teasin chicks in the big goose one.

When I get up in this bitch, the guy doin' the interviews looks dead on Tiger Woods, no fuckin' joke... It was amazing.

So heres how it went. You walk in, fill out this app., once your done with the app. you talk to one of the 2 agents there who will see if they want you or not. They skim through your app., ask a few quick questions, then it's jus an Ok your good, or we'll keep in touch.

I don't know if you schmucks guessed it, but I got picked to stay... If that happened, then they told you to come back at 7:30pm with a picture so they can break down the company to you and what it's all about and what major companies look for models from them. I was feelin' good jumped in my beast and rolled home for a few hours. I get ready again and shoot up there to find an old high school friend got picked to come back, and one of my best friends. SWEET! We are all in this conference room at this hotel talkin' shit on people who shouldn't be there, and checkin' out all the chickens.